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West’s previous owner moved into a new chapter in her life and found that she was unable to take him along in this new adventure. He’s now sniffing out a new home!

Family is everything. West loves to love on his family and will show you in loves of cuddles and kisses and enjoys head and tummy rubs! He’s very vocal when there is someone he doesn’t know nearby and may continue being vocal until he gets to know them. In order to be considered family, just give him some time to get to know you. Be it dog or human, he must greet you first and give you lots to sniffs to make sure you’re ready to be in his family! Once you’re in, he loves to kiss and play!

Mister Manners. West knows the commands sit, down, go to your room (his kennel), and go upstairs. He’s not a fan of the crate and will protest about being put in at first but will settle down and be calm while you’re gone. West does need to be let outside about every 6 hours to relieve himself or he won’t be able to contain it within himself! His leash manners are mostly good except for his initial excitement of going out!

Vocal and food-loving. West is quite vocal, especially when there are people nearby he doesn’t know and hasn’t met properly, a sudden loud sound, or if there is just a silly, hyper dog barking at him! West LOVES his food, so much that he should not be interrupted while enjoying his meal. If you must remove his food, make sure his attention is elsewhere. Now West is affectionate but does not like being held off the ground. He has some silly quirks like whining at reflections and shadows on the wall, and chasing laser lights!

The family best suited for West is patient, loving, and okay with West’s vocalizations! He simply just wants to enjoy living the rest of his life loved, cared for, and at home in your lap!