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Rosie thought she had a forever home when she went home with an adopter from Friends For Life but discovered that her adopters busy lifestyle didn’t leave time for her. Now Rosie is looking forward to another chance!

Love me! Rosie thrives on attention from her family and expects lots of belly rubs. Don’t worry, that love is returned! She’s very affectionate and likes to share her toys, foods, and treats with the ones she loves. Rosie likes children but toddlers can be accidently knocked over with her loving exuberance. Other things Rosie loves are walks, riding in cars, chewing on tough chews and toys, but nothing beats playing with her huge big red ball!

Educational skills. Rosie is a good dog and has a lot of things down. She’s mastered the commands “sit”, “lay down”, and “fetch”. She may whine about it at first but she’s good home alone in her crate. She’s not a fan of baths but she won’t give you much trouble with it. Her leash manners are good until she smells or senses something interesting then you’ll get a bit of a pull!

Active gal. Rosie likes something to do, whether it’s a walk, working on her training or a good chew toy this girl needs enrichment. Someone with time for Rosie both with activities and loving would be a great fit!

Rosie just needs a family that understands her and just loves to enjoy being with her. If you adore being by the ones you love as much as possible, Rosie completely understands! She certainly belongs to you!