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Pablo was discovered after Harvey’s ravaging waters when he wandered up to a stranger’s home hurt and full of mud. These strangers simply could not say no and took him in, fed him, and cleaned him. Once the dangers subsided outdoors, he was brought to FFL that he could find a good home.

A great big puppy! Pablo is still full of adolescent playfulness and bouncy joie de vivre! He hasn’t found a toy he doesn’t like and can play fetch and tug all day long, if you’re game, too!

Positive attitude! He treats everyone he meets like a long lost friend! He likes kids and other dogs and doesn’t even chase cats when he sees them on walks.

An excellent partner for walks! Even though Pablo hasn’t had much training in his young life, he does make a fun running or walking buddy, since he doesn’t pull, sniff, or mark much at all.

Crate trained! Given a comfy bed and something yummy to chew on, Pablo is happy to hang out in his bed when you have to go to work for the day.

Lover of the great outdoors! Never happier than when he’s lying in the grass or splashing in a stream, Pablo would be great for someone who would share adventures on the hiking trail or a well-equipped dog park!

The Michael Phelps of dogs! As good-looking as he is great in the water, Pablo would be delighted to bathe himself every day, if you aren’t careful about closing the bathroom door when you shower!

Say, “yes!” to Pablo and you’ll find the greatest family member you’ve ever loved. He’s a great fit with any family willing to give him time, love, and care. You’ll find yourself anxious to get home just to be with him! Won’t he be great being your personal excited greeter every time you walk through that door?