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Noah is a cute, laid-back guy who’s had a rough life and deserves a life with a family that loves him—a family like yours! Noah became homeless following the rains of Harvey, and was found at a local shelter. He’s been through a lot! Noah likes people and other dogs. More than anything, Noah wants a special someone to spend his days with, and his energy level would be great for someone who is older or works from home!

* Noah is friendly and outgoing with people and other dogs.
* Noah loves being petted and being close to you.
* Noah is crate trained, house trained and walks well on a leash!
* Noah enjoys meeting new people.

Noah is a sweet dog with a relaxed attitude, so he’s chill with whatever is going on! He’s had some challenging times, when he was hungry, so he is serious about his food and treats. Noah will share with you, but prefers to keep his food and treats to himself if other dogs are near. You will love Noah’s coloring, all white except for his eyes and ears! All in all, Noah is going to be a great best friend for you! Meet Noah today!