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Kelso is an amazingly happy dog and what keeps him from being in total heaven is a not just a home, but a family!

Pure joy. Kelso is simply happiness. He’s easily entertained with just window watching and loves “manning” them to bark at the activity. He’s extremely affectionate and will welcome as many belly rubs as possible, and sometimes will literally make it impossible to ignore by crawling into your lap with his belly pointed towards you! He gets along with all kinds of people and brightens up anyone’s day who comes across him. He’s a good doggie friend and likes playing with them at home or at the park, human or canine.

Ready-made manners. Kelso knows what it takes to be a good human buddy. Crates? Check. Staying home alone? Another check. Housetraining? BIG CHECK. In fact, he’ll wait by the door if he needs to go out. Kelso also knows the commands sit, touch, look and is learning lots more! He’s good on a leash but does tug a little when a new friend walks by.

Private space. Kelso does love his food and water. He’ll share his toys and chews but needs personal space with food. He won’t appreciate any curious noses towards his chow. An eye should be kept on him with other pets around and there’s food and water out.

Kelso is a pretty easy dog to insert into any kind of household. If you’re semi-active, with some play and exercise, and then some downtime, Kelso will easily fit into your lifestyle! Life is better with those you love to spend time with!