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Found wandering in a Ninfa’s parking lot, Buddy was looking rough but his naturally sweet demeanor made him hard for his rescuers to resist!

Easy-going gentleman. You can’t help but smile and feel a hard day wash away with just the mere presence of Buddy. He will joyfully greet you with a happy face and a wagging tail, after eagerly waiting for you to pass through that door. He seems to lift everyone’s mood with nearly all that he meets. Nothing makes this guy happier than being close to the ones he loves, which means plenty of snuggles, hugs, pets, and belly rubs. Walks give him a chance to be a dog and sniff out the world and when tired, he’ll put himself to bed. Buddy gets along well with new friends, humans and canines alike, and plays nicely as he’s quite a submissive, mild-mannered dog.

No assembly required. Buddy shows his maturity in making sure he’s a well-behaved man for you. He’s mastered commands “come” and almost has “sit” completely down and accepts baths like a champ. He’s completely housetrained and is quite a good guy when home alone isn’t a fan of a crate. He’s terrified of being confined without anyone nearby and easily escapes a crate. He doesn’t really mess anything up much so you can rest easy. He’s good on a leash but will want to say hi to other dogs and forget you’re attached at the other end.

Too Sweet? Buddy is very friendly and engaging but it’s a trait cats generally aren’t pleased with so feline siblings may not be ideal. This sweet guy also scurries and hides at sudden, super loud sounds.

Buddy prefers a to have a yard but a family that enjoys his companionship and taking him on plenty of walks would make him a happy man. His sweet and gentle nature makes him a great friend to children and an even better canine brother to other dogs! You have plenty of space for the best man in the world!