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Belle was given up when her previous owner found herself forced to give them up. She’s trusted FFL to find her a wonderful home!

Sweet princess. Belle is as sweet as her name suggests. She’s a cuddle monster and so affectionate! Walks are joyous times and snuggling in a bed is pure bliss. She gets along with everyone she meets, though she may bark at an unfamiliar person until she warms up to them! She loves her dog foster siblings, playing with them, and would rather sleep with them than snuggle with her human. Don’t worry, she still will love you!

Royal etiquette. Belle shows her royal gracefulness well, even as a pup! Leashes are not a problem and she is great home alone in a crate. She’s mastered words potty, crate, outside, and, if you have a treat, will sit on command! Baths aren’t exactly her favorite princess activity but she will allow you to make her feel clean and great!

Maturity in progress. Belle is very much still a young pup and needs a little more time to mature. Every once in a while, she’ll chew something she’s not supposed to and may let her curiosity overtake her if there is an open door! Belle is also a little touchy about a dog getting close to her food, toys or chews but will scurry if there is a sudden, loud noise.

Belle is sure to lighten any home with her friendliness and big heart. She’ll do great in any home as long as there’s plenty of love and patience to allow her to grow. This beautiful heart needs to be in your home!