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What’s in a name? Our sweetheart of the day is Manchita! That means spot in Spanish, and is so appropriate. Manchita understands Spanish, and knows get in (inside) and get out (outside) when spoken in Spanish! Manchita is a smart gal who can easily learn lots more, whether in Spanish or English—or any language! Manchita loves and wants to be with her human family, and be included in all your activities. She is energetic and will enjoy going for walks. Manchita will be a wonderful addition to your family!

* Manchita is very loving and affectionate, and loves people of all ages. Her energy level will make her a better fit with children who are sturdy on their feet!
* Manchita likes other dogs after being introduced properly. She’s a bit scared at first so likes to get to know them before making a commitment.
* Manchita lives with a cat and actually plays with it, and may like your dog-friendly cat!
* Manchita walks well on a leash and knows get in and get out! She is food-motivated and can learn lots more.
* Manchita loves affection and being with her human family!

Manchita has a youthful exuberance you’ll be drawn to! She will enjoy going for walks, jogs and runs with you, and may be able to run alongside you while you ride your bike! Manchita’s smarts and athletic ability make her a good possibility for canine agility training! Manchita is perfectly suited to be your partner in fun and games, as well as great companionship! Meet Manchita, and she’ll be spotted everywhere you go!