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Clearly mistreated, Tess just longs for a safe, loving, and gentle home. Surely, you can provide that for her!

Gentle persuasion. Tess is a wonderfully sweet and affectionate dog that loves to be loved on and leans into you. However, she needs ultra gentleness and calm demeanors in order to bring out that sweet dog. She wants to trust you and be loved but needs to be absolutely sure that you won’t repeat the mistreatment she’s endured. Spending loads of time with her, like training and walks, will open her trust circle to you. Once in, you’ll find a wonderfully affectionate, submissive, and playful dog. Fetch is her favorite game and lots of petting and cuddles are great for home activities.
Praise over treats. Tess has a naturally pleasing demeanor and is good as long as you do the things her way. She’s housetrained but prefers to be off-leash or on a flexi-leash when out on a potty walk. Sleeping by herself is okay as long as she’s in a confined area as opposed to a crate. She’s afraid of brushing not because she doesn’t like the feel of it but is scared of that contraption in your hand. She’s working on her leash manners but she already knows the commands down, sit, come, time for bed and is working on heel.
Patience required. Tess shows obvious signs of past mistreatment and is scared of items in your hands and of your arms. You must also earn her trust every time by being gentle, getting down to her eye level and allowing her to come to you with lots of gentle praises. New environments and people will overwhelm her. Still young and rambunctious, Tess needs tough toys and chews as she can be destructive when hungry or stressed. She’s sensitive about areas on her back and hind quarters being touched and she tends to look for food on counters but she’s being trained to cease and desist.

Tess would thrive in a gentle home where someone is home often and are willing to work on her fears and expend her energy. Yards are preferable but lots of time in dog parks can make up for it. In time, she’ll get over most of her trauma and you can be her beacon of light!