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Lovable lad. Chip is the right one for you if you just want a fun, lovable, huggable, and playful companion! He’s a social butterfly and loves interactions with people and dogs as well as meeting them! Needless to say, cuddling is his favorite activity! If he can’t get cuddles, he’ll lie very close to you just to touch you. Toys are amazing and meal times gives you one super excited pup!

Charm school in progress. Chip is still very young and is still working on his maturity but he shows plenty of potential. He already knows the commands sit and stay, and learning down when he should be off the furniture. He’s housetrained but there hasn’t been much experience with him being left home alone as his fosters almost always has someone home. A leash is still a strange concept to him and he tends to completely stop and not move, but will dart towards a dog if he sees one to greet a new friend!

Help him grow! Chip needs a family to continue to help mold him into a wonderful adult with patience and training. His puppy-ness is very apparent as he likes to put his mouth on everything! His house manners are good as long as you don’t leave something within access for him to drag to his bed!

Chip’s sociability means a large family is very welcomed, especially if there is a canine sibling! A yard will be ideal for easy access for business and play. Chip will flourish with a family that gives him a lot of time, attention and loads of cuddling!