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Lilly is used to commanding a lot of attention and she certainly demands your! You’ll get a fun and loving relationship with her!

#1 Dog. Lilly is a wonderfully social dog with a great disposition and friendliness beyond belief, so much, that you’d expect her to be wearing a Miss Dog America crown! This social buttery enjoys being center of attention and makes fast friends everywhere she goes. She’ll offer up love, squeaky toys, and snuggles and cuddles to prove her sweet nature! She’s an alert dog and will be vocal about her distractions. She’s not a constant shadow but you’ll find her come up to receive a little love before going about her way. She’s good with other dogs but only if they don’t steal away the attention too much!

Too smart for her class. Lilly is a very smart dog and learn things quickly. She’s learning the command sit but has other things already down like housetraining, being home alone, and crates! Her leash manners are being ironed out.

Like, really smart. Lilly knows how to escape a gate that isn’t high enough. She’s good if she’s free roaming but may look for delicious goodies and may climb on furniture looking for them! When fed, it’s best that she dines alone and no one bothers her or her food.

Lilly would thrive if she’s the only dog in the home as she loves being center of attention. A yard would hold countless adventures for her and one would be much appreciated! The homecoming queen needs your home!