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Five hours after being left at a truck stop convenience store, Dexter was rescued by his foster! Dexter was cleaned up and got veterinary care soon after arriving at his foster, and has been busy playing with the kids and other dog, as well as learning useful puppy skills! Dexter is a smart pup and has been catching on to all he is being taught! Dexter is an awesome dog and you will be pleased to call him yours!

-Dexter loves people, being with them, and being petted!
-Dexter lives with three children and loves them!
-Dexter lives with another dog and loves to play with her! He likes dogs after a brief ‘get to know you!’
-Dexter has learned his name and no, and is doing well with house training, sit, stay, come, and leave it!
-Dexter is very food motivated and trains easily! He’s doing great with house and leash training!
-Dexter loves to play with his human family and their dog, his chew toys and romping around the house!

Dexter’s early experiences with car rides left him apprehensive, so with his foster sibling, he is learning that they can be fun! Dexter does well on a leash and is learning the joy of going for a walk! More than anything, Dexter has experienced the concept of family, where dogs and humans live together and love each other. That is exactly what Dexter wants to have with you!