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Boldly go where no man has gone before, and meet the Star Trek litter! Captain Picard, Troi, Riker, Tasha, Guinan and Worf. Born to a stray mom, these pups are cute, cuddly, sweet and adorable. Estimated to mature in the 60-90 lb. range, you’ll have lots to love and a dog who will be able to go anywhere with you! Whatever you do and where ever you go, it’s twice as nice with Guinan as your wing gal!

Right now, Guinan is young, but she will be able to learn new things in a way that progresses naturally. You’ll be amazed at how quickly she will pick up on the cues you give her! Guinan is full of love and affection and will give you more reasons to go outside and smell the roses—and maybe meet a few new people while you’re out. Everybody loves to greet a puppy, and Guinan is the sweetest!

Anyone can adopt a puppy, but only you can take Guinan home with you! Having her is much more pleasing than merely wanting Guinan!