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Tall, slender, and elegant, Carina’s aerodynamic frame looks like it was meant to lope along the countryside. In reality, this gorgeous lady would be just as happy frolicking around a city dog park! Meet Carina and you’ll wonder what you ever did without her in your life!

* Naturally good - Carina’s awesome personality permeates into her manners. She is housetrained and goes into her crate with the cue “Kennel up!” She is quiet and relaxed in crate, even when left home alone!

* Teacher’s pet – Carina obeys the commands Sit, Down, Touch, Look, Okay, Wait, and Let’s go! A big plus: she is just as happy to earn affection and play for training as she is earning treats! With her front clip harness, Carina generally doesn’t pull on leash and is a pleasure to walk.

* Sweetness and love - Carina is one super social butterfly and makes friends wherever she goes. She never gets tired of being scratched and massaged. As for her love of dogs, just about any canine is a potential playmate. Carina never gets tired of the dog park! She would also be a fun and energetic doggie sibling, as she does enjoy lots of playtime, but she’d also be great as an only dog. One caveat to her friendliness – while she does like children, toddlers can really try Carina’s patience, so she’d be best with well-mannered kids ages 5+.

* A puppy at heart – While she looks mature on the outside, Carina is still full of puppyish joy. She’ll do best with an adopter who can provide lots of daily fun, exercise, and manners training to keep her on track to being the perfect lady she is destined to be.

Carina is so adaptable and well-adjusted, she would be a superb companion for nearly any active lifestyle. If you enjoy lots of doggie adventures, kisses, and cuddles, come meet her at the shelter because she could be just the right pup for you!