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How many times do you walk past a dumpster? To take your trash. To get to your car. It’s a normal, everyday routine until one day you hear tiny puppies crying! This is Nayomi and Canelo’s story. They’re the lucky ones, as a good-hearted person found and rescued them. If you are equally lucky, you’ll be able to take one of them home!

Nayomi is the most adorable pup you will ever meet, and she is healthy, happy and old enough to meet you and become part of your family!

Nayomi will grow up to be a small dog with an anticipated max weight of 20 lbs., so she will be the perfect size for either an apartment or house! As long as you provide the love and guidance any growing dog-child needs, she will be awesome! As always with small dogs and puppies, please provide supervision when Nayomi is around small children, and teach them how to safely handle your new fur-baby.

You are going to be a great pairing with Nayomi, and she will give you kisses every day to let you know what a superb choice you made when you chose her to be your own!