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Popeye got his name from his adorable underbite. It simply makes you think of Popeye the sailor man! Popeye is a sweetie who’s looking for a home following a bit of a population explosion at his home. Popeye is affectionate and likes people, starting out shy before warming up! Popeye lives with other dogs and enjoys playing and hanging out with them and the household cats! Popeye has been with young children aged 3 and up and does well with them! Popeye has so much love to give, and he wants to give it to you!
Popeye likes people and becomes more and more affectionate as he gets to know you!

* Popeye likes dogs and appreciates being introduced to unfamiliar dogs!
* Popeye does well with the cats in his household!
* Popeye likes to explore, run around and play with his canine family!
* Popeye is crate trained and can learn many commands from you!

Popeye has much to offer in love and affection and that will continue to grow! He lived with so many pets that he wasn’t able to get out often to meet and greet new people and dogs, and will definitely improve his social skills as he gets out and about! Popeye is a sweetheart on a mission to meet you and make you happy…forever!