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The sweetest gentleman. The epitome of a great, quiet, and gentle embodies this guy. Bruce is simply the perfect man with perfect manners for someone looking for a gentle and sweet soul. His friendliness attracts all and all fall in love with his very obvious big heart. He’ll ask for endless head massages, relish in the sun-bathing and napping, and simply just being close to you with some cuddling involved. He’ll accept treats gently from your hand and doesn’t force himself on people for attention.

A proper gentleman. It doesn’t stop there. Bruce has manners to boot. He’ll come with called and understands when it’s time to go into the kennel. Being home alone is no bother as long as he’s inside his kennel. Any accidents generally won’t happen as long as you’re home or when he’s in his kennel. He has good leash manners but may play protective man if an aggressive dog approaches, just to make sure you’re safe. Bathing will be easy as long as he’s got a treat!

Those funny things. Bruce absolutely loves food and will sneak off with anything unattended or if he is left unattended. He despises rain and will hold it until it goes away! Bruce finds stairs physically difficult so it’s best to avoid them as much as possible.

Bruce will thrive in a home that has a backyard for plenty of naps in the sun and no stairs to deal with. He loves having a canine sibling but it isn’t absolutely necessary to keep him happy. If you ever wondered where the good men are, he’s standing in front of you, waiting for you to invite him to his forever home.