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Buddy and Princess Elizabeth had always lived with their 84-year-old father, who thought of them as his children. He had an accident and fell, landing him in the hospital, then rehab and now assisted living, and Buddy and Princess Elizabeth aren’t welcome there.

After living their entire lives with a loving human, they hope to be able to stay together and make your home theirs! We can’t stop the sad things that happen in life, but we can do our best to make them better! Buddy and Princess E have so much love to give and will brighten your life for years to come! All you need to do is meet them and then open your heart to the joy they’ll bring!

Buddy and Princess E are great house or apartment mates and are great indoor dogs. They are so sweet and affectionate that you won’t be able to resist them!

Maybe you are experiencing an empty nest and need the companionship Buddy and Princess E can give, or perhaps this is a new concept. Again, just meet them and see how wonderful they are with you and each other! You’ll never be lonely!