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One day, Mikey walked up to a stranger to ask for food not knowing that this stranger is about to change his life!

Lovely guy. Simple sweetness resonates from this guy. Mikey shows off his social abilities with meeting new human friends and impresses you with this mature and affectionate nature. Doggie friends are great as well but he prefers being properly introduced with a nice doggie handshake. He loves to sleep, snuggle and just being outside in the fresh air. He’ll share anything with his humans. Snuggles are his number one!

Lovely manners. Mikey is so good at home he doesn’t need to be crated. However, he likes being close to you and may tremble at knowing you’re leaving. He’s mastered the command no, and is working on more to please you! Leashes are good in general but if he sees a potential doggie friend, he’ll want to meet them! He’s housetrained and very food motivated so treats are best for training!

Those extra things. Baths are scary and he will require some gentle patience from his family regarding this matter. He’s not into sharing his food and toys with canines so he’ll prefer to have his own things and not be disturbed. Open doors seem to call for adventures for Mikey so a fenced yard is a must.

Mikey just wants a family to love and share in cuddling sessions! Mikey needs you and, yes, you need him!