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Lucia was found nursing eight puppies at her rescuer’s place of work and the weight of the world was clearly written across her face. Despite the rough times, she still manages to love and smile!

Perfect lady. Lucia seems to be a dream dog if you enjoy someone who takes any situation like it’s good day! She’s is very sweet, mellow, and, oh so affectionate! You’ll get endless cuddles and kisses! She loves meeting new friends of all types and will play and share accordingly. Sleeping is her favorite activity so you’ll have a perfect nap partner in her!

Perfect dog. Lucia’s sweet nature continues into being behavior ready. She can’t seem to take anything negatively and with anything that another dog would have a problem with, Lucia sees, to be “whatever” about it! She even knows commands already. Call out sit, stay, and come and you’ll find her doing your bidding!

Perfect mom. As mentioned before, Lucia was nursing puppies and was taking care of them exactly how a good mom would! She has nothing but sweet, loving, and care instilled into her!

Clearly, it’s easy to see Lucia part of nearly any home that enjoys showing love and cuddles as well as plenty of naps. If this is you to a T, you have found your dog!