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Jodie was found in the wee hours of the morning and appeared to have been hit by a car. Her leg has healed but she now has a unique way of walking. She now needs the right family and plenty of love to heal her heart!

Shy but, oh, so sweet! Jodie’s a pretty mellow and quiet dog who just asks for a soft bed and human companionship. She is a bit shy and cautious about meeting new people and big dogs but once she warms up and wags her tail, you’ll find affection perfection! She lavishes in cuddles and you may find her sleeping on top of you if you wake up in the middle of the night. She loves watching the activity from her foster home’s apartment patio. Once cuddles are done, you’ll find a dog who loves watching you and loving you.

Maturing nicely. Jodie is almost there when it comes to living with humans. She’s housetrained as long as you let her out when she asks, which can be frequent. All she does while you’re gone is hang out on the couch and is just a perfect angel when home alone. Jodie knows the command no and is working on sit and learning her name. Her most difficult subject? Baths.

Toys? What’s that? Jodie hasn’t exactly figured out the concept of toys. However, she’ll go to town on a Kong! Make sure you have some handy!

Jodie would love a house with a yard but an apartment with a big courtyard for her to run around in works just as well! She prefers a quiet home and maybe some older kids. She also longs for a family who’s ready to be active when she is and to include her in adventures outside of the home! You need her in your life!