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The name Fawkes brings to mind qualities valued in a companion: steadfast loyalty, intelligence, and strength. Those things you think of what you say that a dog is “Man’s Best Friend”. With all of those qualities and then some, our Fawkes is without a doubt perfectly named!

All the reasons why Fawkes could be YOUR best friend:
-Even though Fawkes was found on the streets and has had a rough life (his broken tail is a souvenir of tougher times), he’s incredibly well-behaved at home. He is house-trained, not destructive, and knows how to chill out, even when left home alone. He’s generally quiet, but let’s you know with a cute houndy bellow that he needs to go outside.
-Fawkes is so easy to walk! He never pulls on the leash, even when dogs and cats are nearby! He’s a great partner for long walks or even easy jogging and, despite his stubby stature, he has surprising stamina!
-Fawkes is so friendly, he’s never met a stranger, human or canine! He’s even patient enough to withstand the affection of toddlers and puppies.
-Fawkes is an interactive dog! Whatever you like to do, he’d like to do it with you. Netflixing on the couch, fetching squeak toys, hanging at the local doggie patio, if you want to do it, he’s game to do it with you!
-Already have a dog? No problem! Fawkes could make an excellent, low-key companion for your dog, since he gets along with just about every dog he meets! He loves snuggling in bed with your dog, but also enjoys gentle wrestling and playing chase!

Fawkes would be a superb addition to a wide variety of families! We are so sure that you’d love this little gem of a dog if you met him in person, so why not come by and see him for yourself, today?