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Found super emaciated, Bones was in need of food but made sure her six puppies we taken care of and fed properly. They have found homes and now it is her turn!

Easy to get along with. Bones’ sweet nature is apparent when you first meet her. She’s friendly and affectionate and has a general ‘no care in the world’ attitude. She’s a typical dog when it comes to toys and playing in the yard and has no trouble sharing her food and toys with anyone!
Working towards that diploma. Bones has a lot of good potential as she handles some situations like a lady. Baths don’t bother her and she comes when called. She’s good home alone and does well in her crate with a few treats as a reward.
Looking for love (and shoes!). Bones’ doesn’t like being home alone as she likes being close to her human. Your shoes are going to be fun things for her to carry around but she doesn’t eat them. Being that she’s still young, she still likes to express herself with her mouth!

Bones just wants a home with loving humans who will want to be close to her and share life with her. Her sweet nature is sure to put a smile on your face and skip in your heart every time you see her!