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Baxter’s first few months of life were scary. He was found under a truck, starving and scared of being touched. He had trouble coping with such a big bad world…will you be the one to change his mind?

Rules help me feel safe. Baxter has been fostered by one of the trainers at Friends For Life who has been working to help him feel like he has control of a world that feels so out of control. Because he is fearful and is trying to learn how to acclimate to the world, following his rules is important in helping him feel like he is safe. If you are the type that follows recipe directions to a T, or actually reads instructions on how to put IKEA furniture together, you are the match for Baxter!

He is one smart Cookie. Baxter has mastered “sit” and is currently working on “touch” “down” and “place.” He does well in his crate and goes in easily with a little treat and the command “Go to your home!” He is currently going through housebreaking training and is doing an excellent job! He will go on the command “go potty” and will hold it in his crate.

Young Guy, Ready to Roll! Baxter likes dogs! And although he approaches timidly and may be fearful of over enthusiastic dogs, he is always game for a game of chase or wrestle once he opens up! He also enjoys taking walks, playing games with toys and other puppy activities. If these qualities are what you are looking for in a pup, look no further! Baxter is your little man!