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Baxter’s had a rough start to life. Being so afraid of everything made it difficult for him to cope with the world, but after some patient training and time he has really blossomed! Underneath all the fear was a young pup, full of energy and ready to play with any and all dogs willing!

Give me a Job! Baxter has so much energy that he does best if he can focus it on a job, puzzle, or relationship with another dog. He is a dog park pro and would be the perfect fit for someone who likes to show off what a stellar pup he is. He is so excellent in fact, that the foster (who is a FFL trainer) uses him to test new dogs coming into the program and even work with FFL dogs who are being rehabbed for having issues with other dogs.

He is one smart Cookie. Baxter has mastered sit, touch, look, and “Hit the Deck!” which is his command for stationing. He does well in his crate and goes in easily with a little treat and the command “Go to your home!” He is currently going through housebreaking training and is doing an excellent job! He will go on the command “go potty” and will hold it in his crate.

Young Guy, Ready to Roll! Baxter has been struggling to find his perfect match so far, because he really needs to be a dog, for your dog. So if your dog has been begging for a sibling to play with while you are at work – give Baxter a try!