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Starbuck is an absolutely sweet, affectionate puppy who was abandoned by her owner, along with her six brothers and sisters, when she was only four weeks old! This litter is sponsored for the mega adoption event by the Houston Police Department, and their names reflect that. Starbuck is joined by her equally adorable siblings Chase, Dunkin, Gunner, Justice, Shipley and Blue. Make plans to meet these cuties, as the sooner you meet them, the sooner one will have a home for the holidays now and forever!

Starbuck is an intelligent pup who will soon be able to learn the basics of puppy kindergarten! As she matures, Starbuck will pick up the new skills you teach her. Starbuck is expected to mature to a medium sized dog, so while she won’t stay tiny, she won’t be too large! Starbuck is programmed to love you! She will love you because you love her and do a great job of taking care of her! Starbuck will learn what you teach her because she wants to please you!

Starbuck is a playful pup who would love to meet you and play with you, but mostly because she knows that you need her just as much as she needs you!