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Discovered on an abandoned mattress that she found for her puppies, Babe was caring for her little ones and greeted her rescuer by immediately approaching them, asking for a home. FFL has promised to find her one!

Mellow and shy. Babe is such a sweet, mellow but shy girl and needs to warm up to you before showering you with affections, leaning, and general closeness. She absolutely loves being petted and will ask you for as much as possible! Kids are great because they enjoy giving endless pets! She doesn’t mind sharing things but does require private dining when she’s hungry.

Good start! Babe’s general good attitude shows she’s knows what humans want for the most part. She’s great home alone but hasn’t been crated yet and being on a leash seems to be okay but she definitely could use a little improvement. She does appear to be afraid of car rides, so give her a little comfort!

Nice and slow. Babe is a little weary of hyper, overeager dogs because she’s needs quiet and slow introductions and multiple canine meetings for socialization. She will vocalize her stress when meeting new people and will cower but she’s better with accepting them as long as they’re gentle and patient! Once she’s comfortable, she’ll open the floodgates of affections.

Babe will do best with a gentle household that is really into showering their loved ones with physical affection. A patient family is definitely needed as well as a willingness to comfort her and help work on her fears! Babe just longs to be at home and love the people she’s meant to be with!