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Chocolate is the Godiva of puppies! She’s simply the best! If you make a list of your ideal dog qualities, Chocolate aces everything, paws down! An added bonus is that Chocolate is completely adorable! You’ll want to pick Chocolate up and never let go! You’ll have to meet sweet Chocolate to experience this!

* Chocolate is friendly, loving and affectionate—exactly what you want!
* Chocolate is smart and playful—high on your must haves!
* Chocolate loves kids—great, even if you are only a kid at heart!
* Chocolate will be loyal, faithful and non-judgmental—something she will excel at!
* Chocolate’s intelligence means she will learn quickly—and you’ll appreciate that!

Whether you are a fan or dark or milk chocolate, you’ll agree that Chocolate is perfect! There aren’t enough adjectives to adequately describe Chocolate, but when you meet her, you’ll know she’s “the one” for you!