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Super skinny, ill, and clearly in bad shape from being on the streets, Lolita was picked up by a kind stranger at a gas station because she simply could not say ‘no’ to such a sweet and friendly dog who needed a little love. FFL took on her care and she is now starting to look a lot healthier and so much cuter!

Super sweet and calm. You cannot describe Lolita as anything other than the most perfectly gentle being you have ever come across. She’s a very friendly and sweet lady and nothing seems to bother her in any way. She enjoys meeting new friends and enjoys being close to anyone willing to engage in love cuddles. She loves to sleep, go on walks, and is simply enjoying life as it comes and nothing has beat her spirit down!
Gentle manners. Lolita seems perfectly easy to deal with because she’s a mature and gentle lady. She’s never been crated but she’s been great when left home alone. You’ll find walks are a breeze and that thing attached to her called a leash doesn’t faze her. She’s good bathing as she sees it as nothing more than more feeling good and being close to you. She even knows the command come here!
Golden years. Lolita is older but still has time to soak in all the love and time you are willing to give. She’s an already perfect lady who seems to be short of a family to have the perfect life.

Everyone deserves a loving family and for someone as sweet as Lolita, she deserves every bit of good thing that life has to offer and to enjoy it as much as possible. Let her know that someone truly cares for her and make her a part of your family!