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When Harvey became Houston’s uninvited guest and caused a boatload of flooding, The Craft litter—named for items used in arts and crafts—needed help finding homes, as theirs was flooded! Eight wonderful puppies are waiting to meet you! Each is neither too large nor too small, and all are as even more precious than the next!

Meet Stitch! Stitch is a lovely black-coated pup with a white chest, and he wants to give you lots of love and puppy kisses! Stitch has the cutest single white toe, and you’ll get to find out exactly where it is located! Stitch is expected to mature somewhere between his mom’s 20 lbs. and 35 lbs., which is great! Stitch will be large enough to do all kinds of activities with you, yet small enough to go with you to all of your dog-friendly destinations!

Stitch is ready to cross-stitch himself onto your heart as he grows into the dog that makes your life complete!