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Difficult past. Rescued from an abusive hoarder situation, Jeanie was living the dream when her owner unexpectedly passed away. So Jeanie is looking for a new home where she can be as loved as she has been.

Can we be friends? Jeanie warms up quickly to strangers and loves affection but on her own terms. While she likes to get pets, being picked up is a definite no in her book and unless she asks (which she does from time to time), belly rubs are off the table. Jeanie loves sitting in your lap, cuddling with you on the sofa or bed, and simply being close to you.

Mine all mine! Due to her past, Jeanie has the tendency to guard things that she considers high value, both from humans and from dogs. Therefore she prefers to dine alone and not have her stuff messed with. So although she gets along with other dogs it’s probably best she doesn’t live with one since she doesn’t like to share. Also small children would not be a good fit.

Good manners. Jeanie is house trained and not destructive if left alone. She has been crated in the past but may cry to get out to be near you. She enjoys getting out and about and is good on a leash.

She’s been through a lot, and possesses the innate resilience that will thrive through your love! Meet sweet Jeanie today!