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Jacob was found after he was hit by a car and taken to an emergency center where he lost a leg. We couldn’t locate a family he may have belonged to so we’re helping him find a new home!

Spread the love! Jacob’s goal in life is simply to shower as well as soak up all the love that can be offered. He’ll follow you around, give you random kisses and will “nose” you gently for pets! New people are awesome as long as he gets plenty petting! Even going to the vet is a breeze. Yards are his favorite places to stretch out his three legs and he has no problem sharing his toys or his food. He’s a great being to be around as he has a great disposition but may get a little exasperated if another dog is being obnoxious.
Pleasing you is a must. Jacob will do anything for food! Training works when you have food readily available to reward him for his good work. A crate is his “house” when the door is left open and he understands the potty is only for the green outside. He’s great home alone and is working on the command “sit”. Car rides make him a little nervous but he settles down after a moment. The leash seems okay so far but he is very interested in new canine friends.
It’s still new to him! Jacob is newly a tripod and is still getting used to moving around in his current state. Cats seem to invoke a ton of curiosity out of him and he hasn’t figured out how to act around them! Toys also seem to be a strange but interesting concept to him.

Jacob clearly blossoms when he has a yard but if you can give him plenty of free range outdoor time, an apartment would be okay! He needs to feel the love all the time so being the only pet or one of a pair is best. Are you home a lot? Jacob will be delighted at being at your side all the time! Soak up the love together, with Jacob!