Lady Grace

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Found in a popular dump spot for abandoned animals in Marshall, TX, Lady Grace lived up to her name with her kind and friendly nature when she walked up to her rescuers. They’re taking care of her while FFL searches for a new and forever family!

Easy to love. Lady Grace exudes energy, friendliness, and intelligence. She’s very caring and submissive and sees new friends in all people and dogs. She’ll spend a good amount of time roaming the yard and discovering every single plant available in the garden, right down to the last blade of grass. She loves hanging out in the yard and just watching life. Once explorations and plays are done, the sofa is her favorite spot to relax. Leaning into you while hanging out rounds out her day!

Smart cookie. Lady Grace figured out immediately how to use a doggie door but housetraining is no issue if you don’t have one! She knows the command “sit”. She’s wonderfully tame while home alone in a gated area and will endure a bath, though she visibly doesn’t like it. Still young, Lady Grace hasn’t learned all of her big girl manners when it comes to a leash. Continued, positive training and patience will help iron out this wrinkle!

Puppy energy. Lady Grace likes chasing all small animals as her young and curious nature just wants to be friends with all. Still young, she’s still very active and if not properly enriched, may take out her boredom on an innocent object!

Lady Grace clearly would make a great family pet as she has all the makings of being even better when she fully matures! Family is not who you’re related to, it’s who you choose to spend it with!