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Manolete can thank a concerned stranger for his rescue from the streets. The stranger called a friend, took him in, and is now looking for a family that needs him as much as he needs them!

Sweet but shy. Timid but a very sweet guy, Manolete has plenty of love to give but needs to get over his trust hurdle first. He’s great with other dogs as he’s used to them but just needs more socialization to hone his skills. New people do frighten him but with patience and gentleness, he’ll relax and show what a wonderful guy he is and how much he likes to share his things.

Learning for you. Being in a human world is still new but Manolete is working on making sure he’s pleasing to his family. Baths hasn’t seem to be a problem and he’s great when he’s home alone. Crates and leashes are completely foreign concepts but he’s working on understanding them.

Protect him. Kids are scary and overwhelming beings and he will run from them. He prefers older teens and adults as they understand him more. The world in general is a bit scary and he just needs to find comfort with the right family.

Manolete is such a sweet thing that just needs a little extra comfort in knowing he is in a good place and he’s safe. If you can relate and want to give him loving security, he surely has found his soul mate!