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Found not far from the shelter, Buddy’s rescuers knew just where to take him!

Charming star. This bundle of precious lovable energy just loves to play and soaks all of the love and attention given to him while asking for more! Buddy’s youthfulness yields a lot of energy that he loves spending playing ball, ripping up toys, tug-of-war games, and playing with plenty of canine friends. He’s a social butterfly and enjoys meeting new friends, human and canine, and plays well. At home, you’ll find a huggable, cuddly companion!

Maturing nicely. Buddy is still a young guy but he’s got some things down, like “sit” and is in the process of learning “lay down. He’s good home alone but does not like the crate and will speak his mind before settling down. You can bathe or groom him with no problem and his leash manners are pretty good but doesn’t quite understand his strength! He’s still working on not jumping up on people but it’s hard containing that youthful eagerness! He’s getting good grades in housetraining class but being young, still needs frequent bathroom breaks.

Things he likes. Buddy likes a good chew toy or bully stick. Buddy’s energy can make him a great running partner and having canine siblings would be amazing. Cats probably need to steer clear since he’ll chase and bark at cats through a fence.

He can truly bring people together with just his aura. You need this positive energy in your life!