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Ruby could easily win “most popular” without even trying! Ruby is sweet, friendly, social, easy-going and super easy to love! She likes people of all ages, other dogs and cats too! Ruby is living with a work-from-home foster with five other dogs, and she fits in perfectly—just like she’ll do at your house! Ruby is house trained and may start crate training, but she’s so good indoors that there hasn’t been a need for it! Even better is that Ruby loves belly rubs, laying on the sofa, giving kisses and hanging out with you! It’s time to meet Ruby!

-Ruby is sweet and affectionate, and loves everyone.
-Ruby likes dogs, cats and kids.
-Ruby is house trained and is learning basic commands, including sit and go lay down!
-Ruby loves going for walks and is great on leash.
-Ruby likes playing with other dogs, napping on the couch, and car rides!

Ruby has come a long way from that hungry, exhausted dog rescued by the highway! Ruby is laid-back and has lots of personality, and she’s comfortable being part of a pack! Ruby is a great cuddler and loves being around kids and adults! She lives with cats and does well with them, and she’ll do likewise with your cat! At this point, you should be ready to hop in the car to meet Ruby! See you soon!