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Given up after being kept in a backyard and having puppies, Whitney showed how awesome her spirit is by being such a good mother!

A sweet, intelligent soul. Whitney is every bit of what you would expect from a gentle spirit. She’s quite passive and submissive and doesn’t demand anything out of you other than being near you. She’s quite affectionate with a sweet nature and doesn’t really cause any problems. She likes playing with her foster canine sibling and her pups, exploring the backyard, and taking naps. New human friends are great with gentle, slow introductions.

Mensa ready. Whitney is one smart dog, aims to please, and learns quickly, even figuring things out on her own that most dogs don’t! She’s housetrained because she figured out immediately how to use her foster’s doggie door. Certain doors can be opened by her if they have an easy-to-use handle. She’s been good home alone when kept in a confined to a room or decent-sized area. “No” is immediately recognized and she picks up even faster with a “Good, girl!” when she’s done something right.

Perfectly imperfect. Even though Whitney is a mom, she’s actually still quite young and it’s noticeable when jumps up on people, but her fosters are working hard on this. Cats were a problem but she learned quickly that she shouldn’t bother them. Car rides frighten her and baths are the worst thing in the world since she’s only ever experienced her first one in her life just recently.

Whitney’s easy nature makes her an easy addition to nearly any household. She doesn’t need a lot of space but having a spot to retreat to would be ideal. She adjusts well to any environment after she gets lots of physical touch and reassurance during a transition. A non-aggressive canine sibling would be blissful! Whitney belongs in your world as much as you in hers!