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Ram is a sweet, smart, athletic dog who’d love to become part of your active life! Ram has the energy and ability to run with you and accompany you to dog-friendly places! Ram enjoys meeting new people, and is very loving and sweet with his human family! Ram loves other dogs, and gets excited and wants to play with them! Ram should do well with kids! Meet Ram and spend a little time with him, and you’ll see what a wonderful guy he is.

* Ram loves kids and adults, and gets excited to see you every time you return home. He enjoys being petted and loved on!
* Ram likes other dogs.
* Ram is smart and knows sit, down, no, stop, and go to bed! He is good on a leash.
* Ram is house and crate trained.
* Ram will enjoy chew toys and Kong toys!

Ram is easy-going and happy with whatever’s going on! If you work from home, that would make Ram the happiest dog in the world, as he will love to be with you! With Ram, you’ll get all the doggie love and affection you need to fulfill your daily requirements! Meet Ram today!