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Flan’s mom was an unspayed ‘hot tamale’ when she found herself in a family way, and suddenly her humans had eleven puppies on their hands! That’s why Flan and his littermates are here to meet you!., Flan will love going for walks, playing fetch and going places in the car! Flan loves enthusiastically, and will consistently greet you with happiness every day of his life!

-Flan is sweet, friendly and affectionate!
-Flan naturally loves everyone, human or animal!
-Flan is playful and active—lots of fun!
-Flan is smart and will quickly learn his puppy basic skills!

You’ll have many months of puppy love as Flan matures into the awesome dog you’ve taught him to be! Appreciate him today, tomorrow and many years to come, as Flan will always be there cheering you on, loving you and being you the best friend you’ve ever had!