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A special kind of love. Oliver is a sweet, shy boy but shows his love a little differently than most of us. You’ll always find him nearby but he’s very respectful of personal space and likes his own space as well until he gets to know you. He hasn’t learned yet to play with people, but if given a toy will pick it up later and have fun playing alone with it, especially toys with squeakers. Naps and doggie friends to play with brings out a wonderful doggie smile!

Maturing along. Oliver likes impressing you with all that he’s learned in puppy kindergarten! He figured out how to use a doggie door quickly and knows how to automatically sit without being asked! You can say “sit” and he’ll plop his behind right on the ground and is getting excellent grades with the game of “touch”! Oliver is good about going into a crate when he’s asked but he appreciates it if you provide a Kong! He’s a very good pup while home alone in the crate. His leash skills are being ironed out as his puppy eagerness makes him want to pull!

A little space. Meeting new people is sometimes a scary thing for Oliver. He’s a bit slow to warm up and doesn’t really like petting from strangers. Once he’s comfortable with you he loves to snuggle with you on the couch or in bed. He’s good with children but sudden movements and loud noises could make small ones not ideal.

Oliver’s ideal home includes canine siblings and some extra time to settle in! He has a place in this world and let’s see if it’s with you!