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When Hurricane Harvey flooded the neighborhood, Mia’s human family evacuated, leaving her behind. Mia’s foster, a neighbor, first met her while sitting in front of her house while contractors were working on it. Mia came up and sat by her, and put her head on her soon-to-be foster mother’s lap! In that moment, Mia communicated her love and trust that her foster was the perfect person to help her find her way to you!

-Mia loves people and is excited to meet them! She’s sure to love kids!
-Mia is super affectionate, likes to cuddle, and will even try to sit on your lap!
-Mia likes other dogs, and will play and share with them! She has not met cats.
-Mia walks nicely on the leash and knows the commands sit, stay, shake, and lay down!
-Mia’s favorite things include cuddling, shaking paws, and running with you!

Mia is a beautifully sweet, responsive dog who will fill that dog-sized emptiness in your heart! Mia is smart, already knows many commands, and can learn more! Mia appreciates people and shows her happiness to meet them! Mia freely gives her affection to everyone, but she’s saving all her love for you!