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Archie has that shaggy dog look that will make you look twice! Archie is furrily handsome, and he’s also a sweetheart who loves sharing affection with you. Archie ended up in his foster’s driveway recently with his family, and when no owner could be found, it was time for him to meet you.

* Archie loves people, snuggling on the sofa and being near his human family.
* Archie is energetic and will do well with older children.
* Archie likes other dogs.
* Archie is a smart guy who’ll catch on quickly to house and crate training and improving his leash skills!
* Archie is playful and inquisitive.
* Archie enjoys meeting people.

Social and friendly, Archie is ready to go! Archie is a dog who’s prepared to go where ever you want at a moment’s notice! Archie will want to be with you, be involved in your life and meet your friends and family! Meet Archie because he’s adorable! Adopt him because he’s amazing!