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Lychee was born to a stray mama dog out found outside in the cold. Thanks to the person who rescued mom and 8 pups, all are doing well and their weary mom is ready for them to meet you! Lychee is going to grow up to be a good-sized dog, and she’ll be easily able to play and run around with your kids as she matures! Lychee is sweet, small and cuddly now, so the time for holding her and cuddling with her is now, as she will grow fast!

* Lychee loves people and is an affectionate girl!
* Lychee loves other dogs and has the potential to like cats!
* Lychee is friendly and playful!
* Lychee will soon be able to learn puppy kindergarten skills!

When you bring Lychee home, she will become a vital member of your family! Lychee will love everyone and always show her affection for each and every person—and their friends too! Lychee will be a child for the childless, a sister for the only child, and a friend to everyone! You will enjoy and appreciate Lychee’s presence in your family forever!