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Handsome Athos is super friendly and sweet, from the bottom of his heart! There is nothing better than seeing him running up to you when you get home! Athos always makes you feel very special! Athos is friends with everyone—kids, adults, dogs, and maybe even your dog-friendly cat! Athos is smart and knows many commands, and he is house trained! His human had some problems that prevented Athos from having the life he deserves, and wanted someone like you become his new family!

-Athos is a sweetheart who loves everyone, and still thinks he’s a lap dog!
-Athos likes dogs and cats, and enjoys the dog park and walks!
-Athos is house and crate trained, and does well on a leash!
-Athos knows sit, shake, lay down and kennel!
-Athos loves to fetch balls and bring them back!

Athos is easy going and agreeable, and has the energy to keep up with your active life! He also has an independent vibe that expresses his dog-view of what is going on! One of Athos’ favorite activities is exploring, and that’s a great way to be able to stop and smell the roses, and keep you in touch with nature! Athos is loving and giving, and you’re the one he wants to love forever!