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Wandering around after Hurricane Harvey, Missy found herself outside someone’s home who took one look at her and insisted that Missy come inside. FFL has been tasked with finding her a home!

Sweet old thing. Missy is a little shy and a bit uncomfortable at the shelter but she warms up to new people. Being a little cautious doesn’t hurt when you’re as little as she is! It helps to make sure the big ones are good. She’s generally an easy gal to be around but won’t appreciate you taking her food away. She’ll bark at unfamiliar people but will calm once greeted appropriately. Missy loves being in laps and will do a cute “ask” to get up on the couch with you! Fetch is a wonderful game and tug of war with play growls are good ways to spend her time. She loves her foster canine sibling but could care less about cats unless they get close to her food.

Quite a lady. Missy likes to show off her skills at living with humans, though she may not always enjoy the activity. She does great home alone in a confined area and baths can be done without protests but she clearly doesn’t like them. She’s housetrained!

It’s a giant world out there. Missy’s little self makes her a little scared of the world and she doesn’t always like being away from her humans. She would rather you not grab her muzzle or take her to the vet (even though it’s inevitable) and does not like animals going near her food or toys.

Missy is looking for her retirement home to spend her golden years as part of a loving family. Add a canine sibling and you’ll complete her bucket list! Make her dream a reality!