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Not only is Taco an adorable little guy, he’s also a dog you’re going to love! Rescued off the streets a couple of days before Christmas, Taco found a home for the holidays, and now he wants a home with you! Taco likes kids, adults, dogs and cats, so he’s going to be perfect! He is living with a 45 lb. dog, so size doesn’t matter! Taco only cares if someone will play with him, cuddle him, and love him—and that is so easy to do!

* Taco loves people of all ages! He likes cuddling, sitting in your lap, being held and even falling asleep while you are holding him!
* Taco likes dogs and cats! This is fantastic!
* Taco is doing great with house and crate training.
* Taco has learned sit, and can learn lots more.
* Taco loves cuddling, chew toys, and playing with his foster-dog sibling.

When you meet Taco, he will be excited to meet you and affectionate in greeting you! He may even jump for joy! Taco responds to people, so with every kindness you show him, he will shower you with affection! Taco is simply so wonderful that you really need to meet him! After that, you’ll have Taco every single day!