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Abandoned with his sister by a backyard breeder, a concerned neighbor rescued them and brought them to Friends For Life.

Shy guys need the most love! Isaac is a pretty shy guy and may take some time to warm up but once he does, an outpouring of sweetness and love comes straight at you! He’s extremely affectionate and loves hugs so much, he will jump as high as possible to get into your arms for one! Isaac is pretty playful and enjoys having plenty of small dogs to play with and appears to do well with kids. He does bark at strangers but will calm down after just a moment. Isaac is pretty attached to his sister Gaga as she helps him with his shyness and makes him more willing to trust!

Pleasing manners. Isaac sweetness seeps into making sure you’re a happy human. He’s good home alone in a secured area as he’s housetrained but will be good a crate as well, though, he may need a treat to coax him inside! He walks well on a leash, takes car rides like a champ, and will allow you to brush and bathe him to your hearts delight!

Private dining. Isaac prefers that no one lurks around his food and prefers to dine by himself without any interruptions. He also has a tendency to chase cats who may be weary of such an instinct.

Isaac will do best if he has access to a yard as he doesn’t always take care of business on walks. A patient family willing to get past his shyness and work out his loving nature and gives hugs endlessly will be a dream come true! Will you grant his wish?