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Abandoned with her brother by a backyard breeder, a concerned neighbor rescued them and brought them to Friends For Life.

Golden Girl. Gaga is enjoying a little retirement and likes to sit back and watch the world. She’s simply sweet and just wants your love. She’s very affectionate once she gets to know you and soaks up all of the pets you’re willing to offer! Gaga likes to sit back and watch the kids play and chills.

Proper lady. Gaga shows off her good old fashioned manners. She likes the privacy of her crate and likes being there when home alone or for sleeping at night. She is completely housetrained, leashes, car rides, and baths are no big deal!

Private dining. Gaga does get a little cranky with those coming near her food and prefers to dine alone and will even enjoy her food in her crate.

When walking, Gaga prefers short walks. And really, she would rather just hang out inside binge-watching Netflix with you! After so much mistreatment, don’t you think she deserves a wonderful, enjoyable place with you, full of happiness? Of course!