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Found wandering aimlessly, Becky’s rescuers brought her immediately to Friends For Life to find her a good home!

Easy girl. Becky is all sweetness and love. She’s such a sweetheart, so affectionate, and will devour all of the pets you’re offering. She loves people and dogs, though she may take a moment to warm up to new people. Becky is good with sharing her things, likes to chill and watch others play, though may join in every once in a while!

Such a good girl. Becky is so easy to love as she is so easy for humans. She’s great home alone in a secured area because she’s housetrained. Walking on a leash is no problem, and takes car rides like a champ. Need to wash her? Absolutely, but she will like a treat afterward for her good behavior! She knows the command “sit” and whines when she needs to go out, and again when she’s ready to come back in. Communication is key!

The easy life. Becky is a easy-going dog and prefers to watch life on the sidelines while taking a nice nap!

A yard would be best for Becky as she doesn’t always take care of her business when on a walk. Becky is such a sweet, chill thing, that she’s a good fit for nearly any home. Make it yours!