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Dakota and her brother came into a warehouse in early December, and that started her journey to you! After she gets acquainted, Dakota is quite the cuddler. When not cuddling, Dakota is great on a leash and makes a great jogging partner. Dakota’s kid friends are in the 2-5 year-old range, and she is awesome with them! Dakota would be happy with a family or adults, as long as she has somebody to love and play with.

* Dakota warms up quickly, and show her super-friendly cuddly nature!
* Dakota likes other dogs and playing with them.
* Dakota is great on a leash and looks forward walks and runs.
* Dakota is doing well with house and crate training.
* Dakota loves to cuddle, play outside and wrestle with her brother.
* Dakota will enjoy chew toys and Kong toys.

Dakota has been meeting lots of wonderful people and is finding out that they love to pet and love on her! As far as basic training goes, Dakota is a smart gal and will easily learn everything that you think she needs to know! Dakota already knows how to love, and with her Texas-sized heart, she’s going to love everything about you!