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Max was living the life of a happy dog when his human mom found that she’d have to move into a long-term rehab facility. Now it’s time for Max to meet you! Max is cheerful and loving and rarely barks or whines! He can entertain himself when you’re busy! Max is affectionate, likes people and will love kids when he gets to meet them! Max likes other dogs and gets along with cats! Max is going to be a terrific addition to your family and he’s waiting to meet you!

* Max is very affectionate and likes to lean up against you, get petted or his favorite—belly rubs!
* Max likes dogs and cats! He loves going to the dog park!
* Max is mostly house and crate trained and only rarely has an accident!
* Max likes going for walks!
* Max has learned leave it and sit! He can learn much more!
* Max’s favorites include playing tug-of-war, fetch, lounging around and chewing bones!

Max is a happy dog! Max is quiet, self-sufficient to entertain himself, eats all his food and is almost completely house trained! Max has been so good indoors that his mom stopped crating him! Max has a lot to offer and really wants to meet you and see if you’re his perfect match!